Don't think GET, think SUBSCRIBE

Telepat empowers modern apps for the real-time age.

Classic Web APIs deliver on-demand, static information snapshots to clients. Data soon gets outdated, and cannot be synced between multiple clients.

Instead of working with data snapshots that get stale, Telepat pushes all new information from the central node to all subscribed devices, instantly.

What is Telepat?

Architecture for today

Telepat aims to be thin, independent and unopinionated. Data storage, messaging and streaming are abstracted away, so that Telepat can run the same interface on top of components and infrastructure that are optimal for the job.

Open Source

Telepat would have never existed without the effort behind many other open source gigants. That's why Telepat's core, as well as all the client SDKs, are open source since day one.

Telepat in production

Document Feed Management

Telepat runs the document management solution for one of the world's largest transport and logistics companies. Content updates are streamed to company devices according to security policies and made available offline. The solution features native tablet apps as well as a web dashboard.

Live Event Interaction

One of the biggest business event organizers in the UK is using Telepat to provide thousands of attendees with an interactive mobile app. The app provides a real time feed of event activities, and allows users to participate in instant polls and contests.